How to Choose a Custom Work Platform

If you are looking for a customized work platform, there are a few different things you should consider. Some of the important factors to consider are OSHA compliance, dual access rolling platforms, antimicrobial coating, and the ability to have your platform custom painted or powder coated. Fortunately, there are a lot of great custom options available.

Dual access rolling platforms

Dual access rolling platforms are an efficient and safe way to increase efficiency and accessibility at the workplace. These platforms are ADA compliant, have wheels for mobility, and meet or exceed OSHA safety standards. They can accommodate up to two people and are designed for a variety of jobs. The dual entry design of these platforms also meets the most recent ANSI and OSHA safety regulations.

Dual access rolling platforms combine code compliance, mobility, and convenience to provide a cost-effective, flexible solution to any workspace. With a top platform 42” long, these work platforms offer ample space for tools and additional personnel. They also feature a powder-coat finish and steel bolt-together construction.

Antimicrobial work platforms

The EU Platform on Antimicrobial Resistance (EU-APAR) is a collaborative, voluntary effort among its members to develop strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance. These efforts are supported by the Digital Tool, an online space for Platform members to collaborate. In addition, the platform seeks to increase awareness of the risks of antibiotic resistance and its impact on human health.

The interface of the platform is centered around a map. It shows the user’s position, an expandable region of interest, and a search tool. It also features a list of the most recent antimicrobial resistance news alerts. The platform can also be customized to include new antimicrobial resistance data structures and user-submitted data.

OSHA compliant work platforms

OSHA compliance is very important for a variety of reasons. Using the proper equipment will increase safety, improve productivity, and minimize the risk of injuries. Fortunately, today’s market offers a number of options, including custom work platform. With a modular design and easy to install mechanical connections, these work platforms can be deployed quickly, with minimal site disruption. Moreover, they are adjustable, so they can grow as your needs do.

Work platforms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are commonly used in industrial and warehouse settings. These platforms are elevated above the ground level, which poses a risk of falls to workers. Therefore, OSHA compliance is very important for ensuring the safety of workers and eliminating fall hazards. Listed below are the requirements for choosing an OSHA compliant work platform.

Manufacturer’s ability to provide custom paint or powder coat

One of the most important features of a fall protection platform is its durability. Powder coating is more durable than paint because it has a thicker finish that won’t scratch or peel. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it protects better than paint does in harsh environments.

The powder-coating process is relatively inexpensive, but the right knowledge and experience is essential to ensuring a high quality end product. If you’re planning to use a custom work platform for your business, consider hiring a professional coating company. These companies will deliver high-quality, durable finishes and a cost-effective surface finish solution.